Small Congregation with Big Music and Big Ideas

Among our big ideas is  

We are interdependent beings living in an interdependent world.

We can only address our sustainability and justice challenges together.

We received instructions from Jesus to Love our neighbors and treat others the way we want to be treated.

We is the way forward.  Without Interdependent Beloved Community our future is diminished.

We can deepen our understanding, teach each other, and take action to bring about Beloved Community.

We are powerful, together!

Our Work

We live in challenging times. Existential environmental, social, economic, and geo-political crisis continue to pile up. And humanity is seemingly split on the direction forward. The news an endless stream of hopelessness and despair.

But there is another way to see our time. Not based on false hope, but on the facts of our time. Facts that indicate we are in the midst of a great transition. A transition towards cultural values for interdependence and the emergence of Beloved Community.

Through live and digital media presentations and facilitated discussions, the program will seek to awaken an interdependent perspective within participants on the challenges of our time. In doing so it will also liberate opportunities and facilitate community and personal actions designed to be in union with the emerging Beloved Community.

The digital and social media revolutions have brought opportunities to hear firsthand from speakers and thinkers in digital form that in the past would have required large fees to get speakers to come. These media presentations can serve as stimulants for discussions on a range of topics related to Beloved Community.

Example topics might include:

  • The nature of the interdependent Beloved Community
  • Beloved Community and our environmental challenges
  • Beloved Community and social justice issues
  • The emerging Beloved Community economy
  • UN Sustainability Goals
  • A Beloved Community futurescape

Beloved Community Action
Superpowers included

Individual intentions matter!
Shared communal intentions are powerful!