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906, 2023

Coming of Age, Series #1, Video # 1.

Our collective life conforms to development and other patterns just as our individual lives do. One of those pattens is expressed through the literary pattern of the typical “Coming of Age” story. Specifically, the idea that major change, like maturation doesn’t happen without a challenge (a beast) to overcome. The video suggests our environmental and social justice challenges represent a beast in our collective journey. The video also suggests that through reflection we will discover hidden powers with which to fight the beast.

906, 2023

The Meaning of Now, BCA Series #1, Video#2

This moment has been inevitable from the beginning of our journey. One of the patterns in our world is that a dominant species will grow and consume until it has damaged its own environment and then be weakened or die. Our existential environmental and social justice challenges represent such a point in our journey. Unique to humanity however is our ability to accumulate knowledge, this means we have been building solution capabilities for all our beastly problems. What remains is our collective will to act together. The will to employ the solutions will involve becoming a more interdependent humanity.  

906, 2023

The Nature of Reality, BCA Series#1, Video#3

We are interdependent beings living in an interdependent world and we are becoming a more interdependent humanity. The maturation process in humans goes from a dependent child, to an independent adolescent, to an interdependent adult. Collectively we are going through the same process. Beloved Community is what we call the interdependent adult stage of our collective maturation process. It is also the solution to our most pressing problems.    

906, 2023

Our Choice Dystopia or Utopia, BCA Series #1, Video #4

The contrast of our collective futures is great. We look at how our most pressing problems fit into our collective journey. How they are a stimulus pushing us towards greater interdependence. How we identify as individuals and as part of the on-going human enterprise as well. How the choices are extreme in their consequence. How the benefits of greater interdependence are incalculable.  

906, 2023

Change Causes Turbulence, BCA Series #1, Video #6

The extraordinary chaos we see is to be expected. As a more interdependent perspective in individuals makes its way into our collective culture, we can expect pushback from people focused on independence. The last time this happened was when we went from a dependent culture and economy to and independent economy and culture during the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. Understanding what is happening allows us to stay focused and calm despite the chaos.

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