Journey with university professor Justice Miller as she discovers truths about human civilization with profound implications for our future, and then fights to transform society under the guise of a new type of movement named:  Whole Earth Justice.

Since humans emerged two hundred thousand years ago with our unique abilities and characteristics, we have been on a journey toward this moment of choice: to live together interdependently or die separately.  There will be no salvation in isolation, no scientific breakthrough that can save us, no amount of money or weaponry or border fortifications that can shield us. Caring about the others, is the key to our survival, and the only way to sustainability, prosperity, and social justice. To some, this kind of change may seem idealistic, or impossible, or even inconsistent with human nature…but they’re wrong! It’s happening now, all around us, and when you know how to see it, you’ll see it everywhere. But more importantly, you’ll see opportunities everywhere. Not just opportunities to survive…but opportunities to thrive.”


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