Beloved Community Action

Beloved Community Action

Beloved Community Action
Beloved Community Action

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Popularized by Martin Luther King Jr., Beloved Community refers to a hope for humanity focused on an inclusive, equitable, sustainable and just society.  But its not an empty hope!   In fact, it’s happening right now, right in front of us, if we’re willing to see it.

Through facilitated discussions, Beloved Community Action will awaken an interdependent perspective within participants, liberate opportunities and facilitate community and personal actions designed to harness the power of we in support our transition towards Beloved Community.


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WE fuel. It’s only a dream if we fail to act.

Follow our blog as we post relevant articles and videos relating to social justice, community, arts, the environment, the nature of reality, and a caring/creative economy. We look forward to reading your comments and participation.

The Episcopal Church’s work toward racial reconciliation, healing and justice is guided by the long-term commitment to Becoming Beloved Community.